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I know you are wondering if this program will cover the units that you are studying. Below is a list of all the units and the lessons contained in the units. If you are using this as a curriculum, you can see that this Algebra Course contains a very thorough study of Algebra. If you are using this as a supplement to your studies, you will find many individual lessons guaranteed to suit your needs. In order to complete the entire course in the allotted time.

Subject Name Subject Code
1st Semester
Fundamentals of Management
Fundamental of E-Commerce
Information Processing Lab
Web Designing using HTML and DHTML
Communication Skills in English-I
Punjabi (Compulsory) / Punjab History & Culture
2nd Semester
Marketing Management
Internet Applications
Database Management System and Stuctured Query Language
Web Designing using XML and CSS
Communication Skills in English-II
Punjabi (Compulsory) / Punjab History & Culture
3rd Semester
Consumer Behaviour
Fundamentals of Finance & Accountancy
PHP Programing and MySQL
Content Management System using Word Press
Web Designing using Photoshop
Website Development
Environmental Studies (Compulsory)
4th Semester
Advertisement & sales management
Linux Server Management
Content Management System using open cart
Web Designing using Corel Draw
E-Commerce Website Development
Environmental Studies (Compulsory
5th Semester
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Concepts of Social Media Marketing
E-commerce-Laws and Practices
Programming in Java
Digital Marketing Development
6th Semester
Supply Chain Management
Customer Relationship Management
Android Application Development
Search Engine Optimization
Project Training