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I know you are wondering if this program will cover the units that you are studying. Below is a list of all the units and the lessons contained in the units. If you are using this as a curriculum, you can see that this Algebra Course contains a very thorough study of Algebra. If you are using this as a supplement to your studies, you will find many individual lessons guaranteed to suit your needs. In order to complete the entire course in the allotted time.

Subject Name Subject Code
1st Semester
English BBA-101
Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Punjabi History & Culture BBA-102
Basic Accounting BBA-103
Business Organization and Systems BBA-104
Managerial Economics- I BBA-105
Computer Applications for Business-I BBA-106
Business Communication BBA-107
2nd Semester
English (Compulsory) BBA-201
Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Punjab History & Culture BBA-202
Business Laws BBA-203
Principles of Management BBA-204
Managerial Economics- II BBA-205
Computer Based Accounting System BBA-206
Fundamentals of Banking BBA-207
3rd Semester
English (Compulsory) BBA-301
Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Punjab History & Culture BBA-301
Statistics for Business BBA-303
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management BBA-304
Fundamentals of Marketing Management BBA-305
Indian Financial System BBA-306
Management Accounting BBA-307
*Environmental Studies ESL-221
4th Semester
English (Compulsory) BBA-401
Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Punjab History & Culture BBA-402
Financial Management BBA-403
Production and Operations Management BBA-404
Business Environment BBA-405
Operations Research BBA-406
Fundamentals of Insurance BBA-407
Seminar BBA-408
*Environment Studies ESL-221
5th Semester
English (Compulsory) BBA-501
Punjabi (Compulsory) BBA-502
Company Law BBA-503
Entrepreneurship & Small Business BBA-504
Cost Accounting BBA-505
6th Semester
English (Compulsory) BBA-601
Punjabi (Compulsory) BBA-602
Income Tax BBA-603
Fundamentals of Capital Markets BBA-604
Viva-Voce BBA-605